Hungarian Handel Society

Georg Friedrich Händel, one of the greatest composers of all time never entered the area of Hungary and no Hungarian aspect can be found in his family history, either - contrary to Veit Bach master baker in the case of Johann Sebastian Bach. The establishment of our society could be contributed only to the beauty of his music and our appreciation of the composer genius. Well-known pieces of his monumental life's work, the Messiah and Water Music are often performed all around the world, but most of his compositions have not yet on one occasion been heard in our country. On 14 April 2009 at the 250th anniversary of the composer's death we founded the society to prove the Hungarian audience that Mozart's calling him the master of impact, while Beethoven moreover considering him the greatest composer could not be a coincidence.

 The Hungarian Händel Society is special or rather specific from the point of view that we have no organizational regulations. Our members have no obligations and noone here pays a membership fee, either.  One corridor conversation in a concert's break or after the event can also be enough to join. The society operates in the frames of the For a Concert Hall Foundation. With the experience of organizing more than 2,500 concerts, the foundation strives to bring out the best of implementing   Händel concerts and oratorio performances.

Hungarian Händel Society

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