Who operates Hangverseny.hu Store?
Az Egy Hangversenyteremért Alapítvány (For a Concert Hall Foundation)
Seat: H-1146 Budapest, Ajtósi Dürer sor 39. Hungary
Tax number: 18230501-1-42
Registry number: 01-01-0006607
Registry authority: Fővárosi Bíróság
Telephone: +(36) 20 9284 667
E-mail: hangverseny@hangverseny.hu

Is this download legal?
Yes, it is. This form of music, video and score download is controlled and permitted by publisher (Egy Hangversenyteremért Alapítvány), legal safeguarding organisations and performers. It is a totally legal way of getting music, video and sheet music.

How long does it take to download a piece of music etc.?
The length of download depends on the size of the file and the Internet speed.

Can I move the downloaded files to another PC?
Yes, you can. You are allowed to use the downloaded files on your other appliances as well.

Is it possible to listen to the music or watch video before I buy them?
You will be able to listen, or watch to a maximum 59-sec long part. This service is totally free of charge.

What payment methods are accepted?
You can pay for digital products you would like to buy in hangverseny.hu store by bank card. You can make a transaction via OTP Bank’s payment webpage by giving your bank card number, CVC2 or CVV2 code and the expiry date of your bank card. The virtual terminal of OTP accepts any embossed VISA and MasterCard bank cards issued by any banks and all VISA Electron issued by OTP and any American Express cards. If you had given all the data properly and there are sufficient funds on the bank account for your bank card, the bank would automatically deduct the adequate amount of money. The financial institution informs hangverseny.hu store straightaway, thus you can download the purchased digital product right away. The invoice about the purchase sending via e-mail.

Is it safe to pay by bank card?
Yes, it is. The security software of OTP Bank Plc. encodes all personal data including your credit card number, the expiry date and your name as well. During data introduction (e.g. while entering the site) it transforms codes into code-pieces which are to securely broadcast on the Internet. Hangverseny.hu store neither stores information relating your bank card nor gets into direct relation with them. You have to give this data directly on the OTP webpage that is protected and secured.

What is our policy regarding the treatment of personal data?
We do our best in order to protect your personal data. Although some of your personal details are needed in order to fulfil your order, to help our clients facing some problems. When you give your order, we have to know your name, e-mail address and the address needed for issuance of the invoice.

What happens if I accidentally delete the formerly bought digital products?
In case you lose any of them you can download it again with the link of product. You can repeat this anytime you want to, there is no quantity limit.