Hungarian composer and conductor András Derecskei’s works include solo, chamber, choral, opera and symphonic pieces. Among the numerous musical awards he won emerges the 3rd prize in String Quartet category from 2006 in the Czech Republic and the prize he won at the International Crossover Competition in 2015 in Germany. His compositions are regularly programmed internationally from year to year. His works was performed in more than 20 countries, often at famous music festivals. Derecskei’s style was described by the media as ”known for harmonic flexibility”, ”unusual musical structures and clear forms”, ”excellent drammatic build”. Sometimes he uses sentimental or jazzy elements as well, and he always expands his musical sight.

Derecskei András

From the works of the author

András Derecskei - 2nd String Quartet

András Derecskei - Double Fugue for String Orchestra